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Teaching in the Age of COVID-19: Tips to Increase Effectiveness

It is probable that you never imagined this professional scenario when you became an educator. I have a few ideas that may help.

For Administrators and Parents: Tips on How to Manage A Barrage of Sales Offers (Pt 1)

In the past two weeks therer has been a flood of sales pitches and offers that may be 10 or more times what you normally experience. This post is about helping you manage the “noise”.

Why Games and Sims MUST Be Part of Your Online Strategy

Indeed, games are critical parts of our growth and maturity and more natural than many of the activities we have institutionally put in place. Let’s look at how games that can help you and/or your orgranization at all times but especially in a crisis.

For Administrators: Shifting to Online Schooling

Schools are stepping up to meet today’s challenge but struggling with issues like students and families who do not have internet and a lack of standardization across their schools of software stacks and curriculum. This challenging time will pass – what should they be thinking about to prepare for the next pandemic or other crisis?

Working and Schooling From Home: Communication!

You may be home for another week of indefinite productivity and achievement while able to communicate withfew people face-to-face. I have worked remotely in different ways for 20 years and I have a few suggestions that I hope help.

Working or Schooling From Home: Staying Sane!

The time we are home might be a drastic change from past routines. Below are a few tips to help with your emotional well being and sanity.