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Teachers Protecting Students: Biases

As teachers we bring our attitudes and biases to our work every day. If we present our classrooms as the epitome of awesomeness our students will accept that frame. If we are ambivalent or even negative about our learning environment, again, students will accept this as well.

Three Keys to Protecting Remote Students

Most of my teaching was done in the 1980s and 1990s and remote learning as it is being attempted today was not possible. Computers were pricy, internet access was through dial-up, and phones were not mobile. While that sounds like the dark ages, one axiom that has not changed is that we do not teach content; we teach students. During my first year, a … Read More Three Keys to Protecting Remote Students

Disruption for Colleges and Universities was Coming But Will Now Come Faster

The COVID-19 pandemic will stimulate change but there are areas that were already being disrupted for which the outbreak will be like lighting a match to a powder keg. One such area is post-secondary education. Multiple large-scale factors were in place and the bulk of the education system was beginning to adapt to changes that were about to occur. Now, these changes may take … Read More Disruption for Colleges and Universities was Coming But Will Now Come Faster

Teaching in the Age of COVID-19: Tips to Increase Effectiveness

It is probable that you never imagined this professional scenario when you became an educator. I have a few ideas that may help.

For Administrators and Parents: Tips on How to Manage A Barrage of Sales Offers (Pt 1)

In the past two weeks therer has been a flood of sales pitches and offers that may be 10 or more times what you normally experience. This post is about helping you manage the “noise”.

Working and Schooling From Home: Communication!

You may be home for another week of indefinite productivity and achievement while able to communicate withfew people face-to-face. I have worked remotely in different ways for 20 years and I have a few suggestions that I hope help.

Working or Schooling From Home: Staying Sane!

The time we are home might be a drastic change from past routines. Below are a few tips to help with your emotional well being and sanity.

Working and Studenting at Home: Tips and Tricks

If you are working from home for the first time, here are some thoughts and pitfalls that might help you avoid some of the minor pain I had at times. If you are a seasoned remote worker, maybe you will find humor below!

Schooling at Home Made Easy: Scheduling

You never planned to be a student doing your school work at home or a parent with at home schoolers and yet here you are! Consider this post and posts to come a lifeline. I am the parent of two young adults who both survived many years of schooling at home! I have also been in education as a teacher, product developer and product manager among other things for more than 3 decades. I am hoping I can help YOU:)!

A True (Reluctant) Super Hero

Neil Armstrong was not a “scientist” in the purest sense of the word. In any sense, he was and still is an under appreciated, private hero worth the significant place that he has taken in the history of our species.


Bad Lab Partners

Maybe it was “biology lab”, “chem lab” or “physical science lab” – but you remember it. For most people it was a time of angst as you would be given a project that you did not want to do that would last at least a whole period and your real goal was simple: get it done without embarrassment.


The Quadrantids are Coming!

The first meteor shower of 2019 is upon us already! The Quadrinids are here! They will peak this evening and can be best seen after midnight tonight (January 3rd).