Things Are Looking Up – 2019!

Happy New Year! 2019 is a blue, open ocean – where will you look? Where will you sail??

A new year starts out with amazing possibilities. Looking forward means “looking up” and taking time to be in the moment, present, and intentionally looking skyward. Sometimes, this can spark our imagination as it might when we realize that it was 50 years ago this year that mankind first set foot on the Moon. Other times, like this Thursday evening, this means that if you look to the sky and you can see deep darkness, momentary flashes of light may appear as a meteor shower is in full bloom.

As time has passed, we look up less and less. In that direction – up – we can find wonderment, peace, imagination and tranquility. Looking up may make us feel small, but after all, we are 1 of billions of inhabitants of 1 species on a non-descript planet in an average solar system in the rural arms of a common looking galaxy with 100 billion (could be more) stars that is one of 2 trillion galaxies! If looking up and seeing Orion’s Belt or Polaris inspires curiosity, understanding that we are spectators in the big scheme of a truly universal ballet should help with the awe of perspective.

As 2019 passes, I hope to enlighten and indulge your inner curiosity. My hope is that you will add to this site, and that together we can build on and reinforce what we see, feel, think and learn – all from looking…UP! Happy 2019 everyone!

As a treat, here is a VERY HOMEMADE video of a Dec launch from Cape Canaveral, about a 2 hour drive from my home. At least the first 30 – 45 sec capture the excitement and wonderment of the people assembled, all of whom are “looking up”!

Published by learningcoachk

Former teacher, coach, NASA consultant, instructional designer and CTE and STEM product /program leader here to join you in a journey through learning and education. Here to help enrich your life. Let's journey together. At present, I work for a wonderful company,, and have for almost 12 years. That said, it is important for you to know that anything posted here is NOT the position of K12 as a company, and solely my own musings.

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