What Does CTE have to do with Independence Day? (or “A Short Reflection on Growth”)

Nashville Fireworks parabolas 2017 07 04
Fireworks over Nashville caught by a friend learning photography. While not a perfect photo, is it not spectacular?!

Independence. What does the word conjure in your mind? For me, an image appears that goes back 240 years (no, I wasn’t there!) to when a group of scrappy adventureres with a “can-do” attitude fought. It is said that winners get to write the history of an event, and so we have a great story that is celebrated! But the key to me is that they fought. They struggled. They grew. They overcame.

Comparatively, in the United States today, life is easy. Cars, cell phones, and even indoor plumbing are a few of the advances that have extended life expectancies and taken away some of the coolness to being scrappy, hustling, and working hard. Career technical education (CTE) still retains that sense of independence! How? Great question.

First, you have to explore. You find areas that you might not like. Careers that are not interesting to you, or require too much time in classes and not enough “doing” for example. You find areas that you DO like – and you consider them occupations where you can settle down. That exploration is important. It can be done through formal classes or just by being alert.

Then you have to grow into that field. You learn about it. You practice it. You fail sometimes, succeed others. It is not likely that you will build a birdfeeder, style hair, or program an app perfectly the first time – but perfection isn’t needed. Our forefathers were far from perfect! You just need to stick with it, remember why you are there, and eventually (speaking from the experience of many) great outcomes, projects, opportunites and people will come your way!

Nashville Fireworks weep willow 2017 07 04
More inspiring photography from Nashville.

We are not our occupations, just as America is not its wars. Yet, our work dictates so much about our lives. My hope for you this Independence Day and beyond is that CTE and your work spawns great growth. I know that 240 years ago, just the effort toward an important cause was all important, and look what came from that! let’s get to work:)!


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Former teacher, coach, NASA consultant, instructional designer and CTE and STEM product /program leader here to join you in a journey through learning and education. Here to help enrich your life. Let's journey together. At present, I work for a wonderful company, K12.com, and have for almost 12 years. That said, it is important for you to know that anything posted here is NOT the position of K12 as a company, and solely my own musings.

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