At Accentuate Learning, our mission is clear and simple: make learning easier. We coach students to help them learn 10x more in half the time. We also look for consulting opportunities where we can make just as big of a difference.

For learners age 13+:

  • provide both public and pay-to-view content that improves learning amount, rate and comprehension
  • provide both remote and in-person coaching

Accentuate Learning is also deeply interested in helping schools, organizations, and companies develop innovative experiences grounded in the best known technologies. This includes supporting:

  • STEM
  • CTE
  • AP
  • Games in Education

from in single courses or comprehensive program implementations. We are available on general retainer as our expertise applies to your needs.

Our expertise spans:

  • Instructional Design
  • Content Development
  • Gamification
  • Project Based Learning
  • Product Management

We are ready with service delivery in multiple modes:

  • in-person sessions and seminars; 1 to 1 or all at once
  • medium and long term projects
  • general retainers

Contact us for information